Exhibition Stand

“The medium is the message” (Marshall McLuhan)

To gain attention should  just be a mean not the  final purpose.

The choice of the tools  used to communicate  must never be casual,  and it can determine the perception, the value and the success of a stand.

Good exposure and standing out from the  other competitors.

The logo must be original and should be able to be seen  in all directions of the fair trade.

The operative support to the design of the stand

To captivate attention creates curiosity, generates referral trough words of mouth, and of course the images stand out in the memory.
Those are fundamental factors while planning, creating and installing the stand at the expo.

More info?

The most successful results are born from wise investments.

The outcome for a positive Expo investment is determined by the equilibrium of key factors.

People, Good Exposure, Design Innovation, marketing actions below the line, action taken to involved real or potential customers

Strengths generate success 

The usual stands make exhibitors work harder to get the attention that would be easily reached by taking advantage of innovation

The set design is more of an embellishment , is an essential tool for a result of marketing

 Partylandia optimizes the investment of communication by increasing the visibility of the business stands. Specializing in high-impact equipment for communication and promotional actions below the line marketing, Partylandia 13 years dealing with construction promotional supply of decorations , studio sets and custom actions of corporate communications , using the balloons as an effective tool on the occasion of exhibition stands .


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